During this guided wellness journey you will learn to identify the areas of your life and health that are creating a foundation of wellness.

This 12 week (6 month) bi-monthly program will offer you 3 key opportunities that are the cornerstone of our program together.


Maximize what's needed for your unique biochemistry. This includes raw materials your body needs to function optimally (i.e water, oxygen, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and healthy fat).


Minimize what's harmful for your unique biochemistry. This includes toxins infections, allergens, trauma and stress.


Prioritize an environment for helping you that includes healthy sleep, rest, laughter, play, stress reduction, exercise, breathing and meaningful relationships.


The benefits of this education and information process, coupled with coaching and accountability insures that at the end of 6 months you will have cultivated a strategy that facilitates self direction with confidence and purpose.

Additionally, you will have developed a results oriented manner of approaching your health and wellness that allows you to identify both the obvious as well as the not so obvious challenges not consistent with that end.

What Do Others Have to Say About Kathy's Program?

"Dear Kathy, you saved my life... given me a chance to embrace myself! To know that I am worthy of healthy, happiness and love."

-Sally L

"Thank you, Kathy for your wisdom, patience, sharing your books and resources and most of all for teaching me that health is a choice!"

-Kristin C.

"Sometimes you get a second change. Embrace it. I did. Bottom line: 22 1/2 lbs gone and chronic condition gone!"

-Maria S.