Reboot Restore Relive was created by Kathy Connell to help people struggling with health and wellness concerns learn what the driving root causes may be as well as to become healthier and happier by making small but sustainable changes.

In her many years as a health coach, Kathy has learned to get results from lovingly but effectively engaging her clients in the process of self empowering intention.


Kathy speaks honestly about her childhood struggles with weight and diet in hopes of providing solid solutions and choices they may not know are possible. Kathy left a 15 year tour of duty in corporate America to pursue her passion for nourishing the body and respecting the innate wisdom of Mother Nature. Her fervent hope is to teach her clients that symptoms are gifts that bring a sacred message to our table.

Kathy began studying nutrition and holistic health at the University of Mass. Since then, she has participated in countless programs of naturopathy, homeopathy, and functional medicine. Most recently, she received her Health Counseling certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. As a mom of three adult girls, she now lives with her husband Jim and dog, Petey in Upton MA.